Monday, January 3, 2011


I never knew so many coupons existed.  I had never once seen so many until the past year or so.  Now, even I am learning how to eat out a little cheaper thanks to things like City Deals and Groupon. If you have no idea what I am talking about, google it and you can thank me later.

Coupons are great and I respect people who use them on a regular basis.  I think it is a great way to save money and also experience other great things on a cheaper budget.  but one thing that needs to be understood is how to tip if you are using a coupon or any other sort of discount.  For instance, a table of 2 people come in and spend $100.  They use a groupon for $70 so they have to pay $30 of their own money.  Yes, many people will leave a tip or 5 or 6!  Sorry, this is not proper etiquette.  You tip on the total before a discount!!!  You leave a tip on the food that is served no matter how much you pay.  

Sorry, I have to vent!  But that is one thing I REALLY can't stand!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

How long do you expect to be at a restaurant??

There are many types of restaurants out there, all of which take a different amount of time to eat.

How long do you want to sit and eat if you were at McDonalds, Denny's, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, or the nicest restaurant in town?  

My work may not be considered the 'nicest' or 'best' in town...  But it is nice.  If you come into my work and have a 3 course meal with drinks, you are probably looking at 125-150 for 2 people. 

For the amount of money you are spending, we try to let people sit and enjoy their meal.  We take our time.  We give you a few minutes between each course so you may sit and enjoy the company you are dining with.  For 3 courses, you should plan on being there anywhere from 1.5-2 hours.  

If you are under any sort of time constraint when dining at any restaurant, always remember to tell your server.  We like to take the time to give you an opportunity to enjoy your dinner, but we can always speed it up!  

There is my venting for the day!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday party tips!!

So I am full back into serving again and I really need to keep working on my blog.

Tis the season for holiday company parties!!  Here are some things I have learned over the last 2 years of serving at them.

1.  I fully understand how company stories are based around the company parties..  Oh, the things I have seen have included, drunken make outs-some even made it to the bathroom.  I have seen parts of mostly females who wears clothing that doesn't stay in place or hold body parts in.  People unable to walk a straight line.  Yeah, the ones with no alcohol seem to be a lot less entertaining.

2.  Always expect to be paying more then you originally budgeted for.  When someone wants something, it is really hard to say no at a Christmas party.

3.  just going out to dinner is a little boring..  Spice it up somehow at least with gifts or something!!  I hate the ones that just eat and leave.

As some of you know, I also work at a bakery in the morning.  I am in the catering department and go out on deliveries..  Here are some catered holiday party recommendations..

1.  Do not call the morning you want something and expect it to go how you want..  hello!!!  It is Christmas time and everyone is having parties!  Most people plan in advance!   We will do our best to get everything you want, but do not act put out if something can't be done.

2.  Yes, people should tip on a catering delivery!!

3.  Be there when you have a scheduled delivery.  You are not the only delivery and we need to not sit around for you.

4.  If you are having a catered lunch during your work day as your work Christmas party..  Get a new job that does something a little more exciting!!

Thank you!!  Sorry it has been so long!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

my german lesson

So yesterday was my last day in Munich.  I didn’t get my time to walk around and see the city because I spent my time going to Dachau and also to the Disneyland castle.  So before I left, I decided to do a free walking tour which had been recommended to me by many travelers. 


All I can say is that I am very very happy I went!!!  I am not a history buff by all means, and I am the first to admit that my history knowledge is HORRIBLE!!!   Sure give me a math equation to solve; I can do it just fine.  Ask me anything about history and I have no idea.  But on this tour, I learned a whole lot more about Germany and it’s history then I ever remember leaning.  I understand that this tour was given by someone living in Munich so maybe it is a little bias, but I will share some of my newly learned knowledge.



To start off, Munich is located in the German state of Bavaria.  Bavaria is currently the only state which is pretty much separate from the country.  It has it’s own laws, police force and even constitution.  Side note-the constitution states that you can drink 1 liter of beer while on the job and not get fired!!  After WWI, Bavaria wanted to fully break free from Germany and become it’s own.  This so happened to be the time when Hitler started to be recognized.  Hitler heard that Bavaria wanted to break away and called separate meetings with all departments of Bavaria and forced them to join his party.  Which is now called the ‘beer hall putsch’ (check my spelling, I got the name just from a tour guide so I don’t know spelling).  A huge fight breaks out between the police and the Nazi’s.  Bavaria did not break away.  This also now just put Nazi’s on the map.  And Hilter was arrested and sent to jail where he writes his famous words that gets him out of jail early which gives him the ability to rise to power.  So in all, this one incident was a huge breaking point for WWII. 


I already explained that I am not a history buff.  But I learned a little further into the story.  Everyone knows what happened during the war.  But what I didn’t know was that the end of the war led to the birth of Israel!  (I guess I just thought Israel was always there)  Israel was a part of land taken away from Palestine so the Jews leaving Germany would have a safe haven.  The Palestinian people were not happy about losing their land. 


Right about this time, here come the famous Munich Olympic games.  The Palestine’s kidnap the Israeli team and starts the whole Palestine-Israeli war!!! 



I am coming to my room a little early tonight so I can talk about today.  Although I am writing this in Word to transfer to my blog because the internet connection does not work up here in the room. 


I woke up this morning and had my all you can eat breakfast at the Frankfurt hostel.  Their breakfast consists of strawberry yogurt, choice of cereal-I believe corn flakes and raisin bran or something with raisins in it, assortment of breads with butter jelly nutella and ham salami and what I considered the swiss cheese version of your Kraft singles, hard-boiled eggs, choice of juices water teas and coffee.  Not sure if this is your typical German breakfast.  It was good, just a little different I guess. 


I really liked Frankfurt and the things I saw there.  Some things I forgot to mention…  I liked that they had cafĂ©’s all surrounding the streets with tables outside.  On a cold day, most of the chairs outside had fleece blankets on them.  Just a nice gesture to help keep you warm.  I know one restaurant I have seen that at was at Silver Fork up Big Cottonwood. 


After breakfast, I hurriedly checked out and went to the train station which was literally a 2 minute walk.  I found the train headed to Munich. 


It took about 3 or so hours to get here.  I made it right to my next hostel.  I got there a little too soon for check-in which is at 2 so I dropped my bags, grabbed the directions and back to the train station I went. 


My destination- Dachau


This was the main reason why I decided to come to Munich. When I was younger, I remember reading ‘The Hiding Place’ and instantly fell in love with the whole concept behind WWII.  Ok, not the concept in the bad, but in the fact I wanted to know more.  Also then came Schindler’s List.  Great movie, one you just can’t watch often.


So this was my chance to finally see it a concentration camp in person..  WOW…  I don’t know how to describe the feeling that you get there.  Your first step into the camp is through the metal gates that read something like “through these gates, you will be free”.  (that is the English meaning)  The second you walk through, it is the weirdest feeling. 


One of the main and largest buildings is set up as a museum filled with paintings and pictures and descriptions of what happened where and accounts from both the SS and the prisoners.  I said early, I don’t like museums..  I take that back, I don’t like art ones so much, I don’t see the big deal about art, but this is a whole different story.  That main building was built by the prisoners and each room had a discription about what the room was used for.


I saw things like the main shower room, the room where all prisoners were told to take off all clothes and get showered down, they had holding rooms and all.  They had the barracks set up do show you what the living conditions were.  But in the back was the worst…  the kremetoreum..  Just seeing those rooms gives you the chills. 


In the camp, the have a few memorials one of my favorites was just a large sign that in 5 or 6 languages read “NEVER AGAIN”.  After seeing this, I know it still happens all around other parts of the world, but really, something like this should never happen again. 


At the end, my first souvenir of the trip, a Jewish star to wear on a necklace just to remind me of the things I felt today.


One a better note, after that trip, I met some Americans from NY on the train ride back and we had a GREAT German meal at a famous place which I have no idea what it was called!!!  GREAT DAY!!


Off to see the Disneyland castle tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Let's see, I have been here just over 24 hours.  I am pretty tired and am not adjusted to the whole 9 hour time difference yet.  It does not help that the gentleman sleeping below me was snoring all night long!!!!  But I am going to try to survive today without taking a nap so that I can get to bed at a decent time and hopefully actually sleep and help adjust my body.

But so far in my first 24 hours, I believe everything is going well!!  I walked to a place they call Old Town last night.  I guess it is one of the places here that survived the bombings in WWII.  Places like that is what makes you think Europe is.  Once I get some pictures, you will understand.  

Things I have noticed so far, in no particular order...

I am not a museum person.  I went to the Goethe Museum today.  It is a house who where I believe some famous writer used to live..  I just caught myself walking from room to room just wondering, not really paying attention to anything.  I even had an english audio guide.  This is not the first time I have noticed myself not being a museum lover.  If it is a museum full of art and old artifacts, I more or less don't care.  If it a history museum of film or science or things like that, I am much more interested.  

Starbucks serves drinks in mugs if you want to stay there!!!  I think that is so fun and I don't think I have ever seen one in the US where you sit and get your drinks served in mugs!!  There is just a difference in look when you see people inside with mugs that are not just thrown away.  Also groups of school children re commonly seen in starbucks or sitting outside a little cafe drinking whatever it is they ordered.  Maybe that is more common in other places other then Utah.

Taxi's are Volkswagen's and Mercedes!!!  That is pretty fun!!  And I feel like I am in the Bourne series whenever I hear the police sirens go off!!  They sound different here.  I wonder why that is?

So far, I love the feel of the Hostel where I am staying.  I wonder why they are not so prominent in the US.  Everyone staying here are just travelers, most of which are backpackers like myself.  There is a big common area where everyone hangs out.  Last night was just a big party.  I was tired and went to bed, but everyone just hangs out and talks and meets each other and shares stories.  the mornings are like that too.  Most offer free breakfast, some charge a small amount.  This one is free and is all you can eat!!  Tons of food, but not your average american breakfast either!  

A lot of bike commuting.  I have seen girls dressed up and in heels riding their bikes!!!  

As for my first day!  Everything has been great!  Keep reading and I will keep you posted!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Where were you?? (not serving related)

Last Saturday, 6 days ago, President Obama signed the Health Care Reform Bill.  As you may all know, I am pretty political and I do get pretty involved in what is going on in the world of politics.  I grew up in a fairly conservative area!  Hello, I grew up in Utah!!  And my family, being LDS, is also all pretty conservative as well.  But somehow, I learned to think on my own and have slowly realized I am more of a democrat then I am republican.  This being said, I was and always have been 100% for the Health Care Reform.  

I know I do not fully understand the extent of this bill, who knows if anyone has all the answers.  This bill is over 2000 pages!!  I also do understand some of the downfalls that come along with having a government ran Health Care system.  In some countries who have a set up plan, sometimes it takes a long time to see a doctor if you are not critically ill and so forth.  But I understand the meaning of why the United States needs a change.  

I grew up in a family where my dad was critically ill.  I didn't understand it then, but looking back, I understand more of seeing what an illness can do to a family.  We were poor, and I remember my parents fighting with their insurance over and over.  Now, times have changed and my mom is ill.  Can you imagine what it is like to have my parents receive insurance?  My dad has quite a few pre-existing conditions and now my mom has a very expensive disease as well.  Even with the health insurance they have, still makes them pay a certain percentage of the care they receive.  For most people, this percentage is not much.  I may not know the exact numbers, but a small-medium percentage of something expensive is enough to bankrupt a person or family.  

These types of situations can't help you understand that we do need a change.  People should not have to worry about getting the care they need without losing their possessions.  And people should not ever be denied any type of insurance because they had the misfortune of getting sick.  

All in all, I love the fact that President Obama has passed this bill and I am excited to see what the outcome will be.  

Because I am believe I am a fairly oppinionated person and I try to get involved in politics, I also just because a little more involved and attended the democratic caucus meeting a few days ago.  I am happy to announce that I became the democratic delegate in my area!!  I honestly don't know exactly what this intails, but I do know that I am so excited to get more involved!!  I think it will be a great learning experience of how this country works.